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Natural Cures & Home Treatment for Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is a common health problem that afflicts men and women of all ages. It is usually caused by bad posture, bending, or carrying heavy weights incorrectly. Back pain affects people at some point although it is rarely permanent and hardly ever a serious matter.

Incidences of back pain usually improve after a few weeks although some individuals are more prone to the chronic back pain that lasts months, sometimes even up to several years.

Sometimes, injuries such as whiplash, slipped disc, sciatica, or frozen shoulder can lead to back pain. Painkillers are usually recommended but there are numerous natural remedies available to alleviate back pain.

If you love spicy food, you are in luck because eating chili peppers is beneficial for pain relief. Chile peppers contain capsaicin, which is also its most active component.

Capsaicin has the ability to temporarily deactivate skin nerve receptors named C-fibers, which are vulnerable to pain. Health stores also sell capsaicin creams and ointments which can take as little as 2 weeks to show improvement in back pain.

Ice the affected area several times throughout the day. An ice compress is effective in blocking pain signals while also reducing swelling. Ice packs can stay on the affected area for 20 minutes or more if you can handle it but make sure to put a hot compress after 48 hours. Switching to heat will stimulate blood flow and also reduce your risk for painful spasms.

Gentle exercise in the form of yoga is a great way to get rid of back pain causes and symptoms. There are many good yoga postures that can eliminate back pain while strengthening the overall back area.

If you have never done yoga before it is best to do it with the guidance of an experienced teacher, but make sure to communicate the specific location of your back pain so that they can recommend the ideal postures and know when to take it easy.

Ginger is a useful anti-inflammatory herb that can be helpful in addressing back pain. Gently rub some ginger paste on the affected area, and once done apply some eucalyptus oil.

Drinking ginger tea with honey can also strengthen the anti-inflammatory effects of the tea and speed up healing, even if you are already applying the paste.

Gentle massage with herbal oil can provide substantial relief from back pain. Recommended oils for back pain remedy include coconut oil, almond oil, and eucalyptus oil.

Valerian, also referred to as the tranquilizer of nature, has been used since ancient times to treat insomnia and provide relief from pain. It is one of the most effective herbs when it comes to pain relief because of its ability to reduce nerve sensitivity. A cup of valerian tea can reduce pain and enable you to sleep better while waiting to heal completely.

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Eastern medicine wherein needles are inserted in various pathways around the body which are believed to block energy and thus causes pain. Studies show that acupuncture can release opioids that naturally relieve pain. It has long been used to treat several illnesses including back pain that has been caused by many factors.

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