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How Pranic Healing Therapy Works – History & Health Benefits

Pranic Healing History

Pranic healing has been around since ancient times; it is based on the belief that a practitioner can heal a patient by using the elements (air, sun, earth) combined with Prana (life force). Pranic healing has been used by the Chinese Taoists and Tibetan Monks as well as many other societies around the world. However, it is Choa Kok Sui from the Philippines who developed the system during the early 1990’s and wrote several books about it, propelling Pranic healing to fame.

Choa Kok Sui is a Chinese-Filipino teacher, philanthropist, and scientist who is responsible for introducing the powers of Pranic healing to the world. He has written several manuals on Pranic healing after studying it for over 20 years.

Pranic Healing Definition

In Sanskrit, the word prana literally means life force or the invisible energy that keeps the body in a state of good health. Pranic healing is done by using the body’s Prana to address and cure a wide range of illnesses.

The negative energy caused by the disease is removed from the patient’s energy field, and the practitioner replaces it with fresh Prana or energy, directing it to the affected areas within the body by using the hands. The practice of channeling energy in Pranic healing is one of the fundamental aspects of Ayurveda as well as yoga.

Does Pranic Healing Require The Use of Touch

Pranic healing doesn’t require the use of touch in order to transfer the energy. It is based on the belief that all of us humans are born with the innate capability to heal ourselves although this healing process will speed up through the use of life force which is obtained from the elements to cure diseases.

Aside from the absence of physical contact, pranic healing doesn’t require any equipment, drugs, medications, or any other paraphernalia. The healer simply works with the energy field of the patient instead of on his actual physical body. Healers are trained to find disruptions in one’s aura, which determine conditions or illnesses.

The energy that surrounds our body also has an effect on the physical body. Even without symptoms of a physical disease, negative energy or disruption in the aura can be manifested by the presence of stress, anxiety, financial problems, or other conditions.

Is Pranic Healing A Religion?

Pranic healing is one of the most important forms of energy healing especially during the ancient times since people were able to heal one another without the use of any special equipment. Many mystical healers became popular for their ability to treat the common people from various ailments.

In the past, pranic healing was thought to be a religious tradition that is why healers are often associated with God and therefore given special powers to heal other people. However, Pranic healing doesn’t belong to any sect or religion and it is believed that it leads the healer to the truth. The principles of Pranic healing stem from studying the science of energy and nature.

Health Benefits of Pranic Healing

Many different kinds of modern day afflictions can be healed through Pranic healing. It is most commonly used to address the common cold, migraine, diabetes, asthma, back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure, sinusitis and many more. It is also effective in treating ills of the mind and spirit.

A branch of Pranic healing known as Pranic Psychotherapy is used to help cure the patient of psychological problems. In fact, this modality of energy healing has been shown to be effective in the treatment of childhood traumas, hysteria, depression, anxiety, stress, irritability, phobias, grief, and more.

Pranic Healing Side Effects

There are no side effects to pranic healing, provided that the practitioner follows all the guidelines taught to them in the books written by Choa Kok Sui and the knowledge that they receive during training.

Pranic healing is also completely safe for the practitioner since the guidelines and protocols taught are thorough and comprehensive. Understanding the basic principles of pranic healing makes it useful to integrate into daily life.

Important Aspect of Pranic Healing

One of the most important aspects of Pranic healing is known as the Twin Hearts Meditation, which the practitioner uses to attain illumination and peace. When a person does this form of meditation, it is able to purify and cleanse their auras. The Twin Heart Meditation lasts for 20 minutes and is a guided meditation. The crown and heart chakra are activated which enables the body to receive divine energy.

When the practitioner completes the meditation, they become a channel of peace and illumination and have the ability to spread light to all living things around the world. Through the Twin Hearts Meditation, one can benefit from inner peace, a clearer mind, recharged energy, happiness, and improved health.

How to Become A Pranic Healer

In order to become a Pranic healer, one must undergo study and training. The initial healing courses begin with Basic Pranic Healing which is the foundation of the entire study. Anyone who completes Basic Pranic Healing can already heal.

Next is Advanced Pranic Healing which teaches the practitioner how to apply the various pranas to cure patients of different ailments. Healers can speed up recovery time by using different color pranas.

The third level of training is Pranic Psychotherapy which introduces methods that are useful in addressing psychological problems. Pranic Crystal Healing teaches the practitioner how to utilize crystals as well as gemstones in healing.

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