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How Healing Touch Energy Works | History & Health Benefits

Healing Touch History

What is Healing Touch Therapy? The healing touch energy healing program was founded by Janet Mentgen, a nurse whose energy sensitivities were extreme. She experienced the benefits of touch while she practiced different modalities on her patients since she started using her energy healing skills in 1980. Janet was a nurse for 43 years, with the early years of her taking her to work with the US Navy followed by working in the emergency room and then being a home nurse.

She had a real love for her patients which drove her to want to deepen the connection between patients and nurses. Through the years she worked on developing methods of healing touch, which she shared by teaching at the Red Rocks Community Center in Colorado. Years of research and practice garnered her the Holistic Nurse of the Year Award in 1988.

In 1989 she formalized her energy therapy practice by establishing the Healing Touch. The following year, it was available to others through the Healing Touch certificate program, and in 1993 the program was certified by the American Holistic Nurses Association. Healing Touch International Inc. was founded by Janet in 1996 as a non-profit charity. Her vision for the foundation was to use the funds to spread the word about the benefits and philosophy behind Healing Touch. She was able to do this through grants that were funded for research projects around the globe.

After a few years, Janet introduced a clinical approach to her energy-based therapy. The Healing Touch program is founded in compassionate, loving care where both the patient and healer work equally in order to promote wholeness. Healing Touch reestablishes the balance and positive energy in the human body. It is used in collaboration with other modalities of energy and chakra healing. The program has been wildly successful and has since then used its official legal name, Healing Touch Program by June of 2005. The program has expanded around the world and is now available in many countries across all continents.

How Healing Touch Works

Healing Touch is energy based therapy where healers use their hands in an intentional and heart-focused method to facilitate emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health. Healing is done by working on the magnetic field located around the body which is known as the biofield. It uses the touch to manipulate the energy system of the human body through non-invasive techniques using the healer’s hands.

The hands are used to energize, balance, and clear the energy fields all of which have a direct impact on one’s emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health. Healing touch, like other modalities of energy healing, work by removing energy blockages in the energy field and chakras. When these blockages are removed and balance is restored in the human body energy fields, health is restored in the body and the mind. Clear energy pathways can also prevent future illnesses from occurring.

The Healing Touch Program’s treatments are conducted on a massage table while the patient is fully clothed. The healer asks for your permission to use their hands to assess the biofield around your body, then clear the negative energy or balance it out as needed. To do this they use either gentle touches or off body touch around different parts of the body.

Benefits of Healing Touch Program:

There are several benefits to the Healing Touch Program:

Non-invasive: Healing Touch does not use any invasive procedures, surgeries, or methods. It only utilizes hand positions to introduce positive energy into the body of the patient.
Effective: Patients have responded positively to the Healing Touch Program. It also induces relaxation and speeds up the healing process.
Non-toxic: In Western medicine, medications are often chemical in nature and can have side effects. Healing Touch Program restores health and balance without the use of pharmaceuticals.
Economical: There is no substance or equipment needed to facilitate the Healing Touch Program. All that is needed is an open heart, a willing spirit, and a set of hands.

There have been numerous research studies conducted to explain the efficacy of the Healing Touch Program. It has been used to treat many different kinds of illnesses including cancer, endocrine function, immune system function, pain management, post-operation recovery, stress relief, and cardiovascular disease. Healing Touch has been funded and supported by the National Institute of Health, the Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, universities, hospitals, and clinics and even private foundations.

The skills involved in healing touch are becoming more accepted in the healthcare industry around the world. Healing touch is supported as a form of integrative care that has been given high evaluations by patients. The Healing Touch Program is used in many hospitals and healthcare centers around the country, in fact, some hospitals have even added Healing Touch as part of their overall integrative health care system.

In order for the Healing Touch Program to be most effective, both the healer and patient are encouraged to live healthy lifestyles and avoid vices.

Healing Touch Program Classes

In order to be a healer under the Healing Touch Program, the centers offer classes and certification. It is a multi-level educational program where students learn about energy healing. The curriculum has different stages from beginner to advanced. The Healing Touch Program is professionally accredited and contains increased levels of the scope of practice, techniques, and code of ethics.

The Healing Touch Program is endorsed by the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association and the American Holistic Nurses Association. Students receive certification after an independent certification procedure. All Healing Touch Program practitioners are internationally recognized as a professional energy healer.

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