What Is Energy Healing Therapy & How Does It Work?

how does energy healing therapy works and its benefits

The Basics of Energy Healing


Energy healing is an umbrella term that refers to any therapeutic modality that can manipulate the energy in your body to restore balance and enable healing. Some of the more popular modalities used in energy healing are reflexology, Reiki, acupuncture, chakra balancing, crystal healing, flower essences, and other kinds of bodywork. Energy healing works by removing blocks in the body’s various energy paths in order to bring about healing processes. It also repairs the energy so that the human body can be restored to its original sense of balance where it can heal itself.
Energy healing has a holistic approach to treating the individual; it manipulates the body’s various energy systems such as the meridians, chakras, and auric bodies in order to find the root of the illness. Blocks in the body’s energy fields may be attributed to emotional stress, environmental stress, fatigue, and false belief systems all of which can hinder personal growth and result in physical disease.



Benefits of Energy Healing


Energy healing has a broad range of effects and can be used to treat chronic pain associated with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and burns. It is also effective with cleansing, detoxification, improving circulation, and overall revitalization of the body. When energy blockages have been removed regardless of the modality, you can enjoy better overall health. It can also benefit those who aren’t feeling any kind of imbalance, either physically or emotionally. Energy healing can uncover imbalances that have not manifested themselves yet especially childhood traumas that we have taken with us in adulthood.


How Is Energy Linked To Your Health


According to quantum physics, everything within us and around us is made up of energy. It is the primary building block in all life forms even though we cannot see it. Energy flows through each part of every person including your own emotions and thoughts. Because each person’s energy is delicately balanced, it can easily become affected by any internal or external factors. Internal factors include phobia, trauma, limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, being stuck in undesirable situations, or fears. External factors include nutrition, exercise, posture, environmental toxins and stress, geopathic and astrological phenomena.


The body’s energy systems are all connected to your gland, organs, and tissues. All of your body systems require energy to function effectively and when this flow is disrupted, your immune system is weakened and is less able to fight off disease and infection. Similarly, your energy systems are also linked to your emotional and spiritual health. If your energy systems are blocked, it will become much more difficult to deal during periods of extreme stress which will then manifest in the body physically. If this continues for a prolonged period of time, this can lead to disease. However, if your energy systems are balanced, clear, and healthy, it will be much easier to cope with situations that would otherwise bring about stress.


What To Expect During Healing Sessions


The initial meeting with a practitioner usually entails a period of consultation, so that you can voice out what your troubles or illness is. All the details provided are necessary in helping the practitioner determine the modality that is suitable for your needs if this hasn’t been established yet. These details will also be used later on in order to check which symptoms have been addressed already or not. During healing sessions, you may experience various kinds of emotional release. This can be manifested by the urge to cry or even simply to laugh. Regardless of the kind of emotional release that you feel, these are normal and shouldn’t be stifled.


It is recommended to go with the flow because it speeds up the healing process rather than being suppressed. Additionally, after healing work you may feel tired or experience headaches. These are also normal and are a sign that healing and cleansing have been done. Consuming water can further assist the body in flushing out toxins that are released during a healing session. Feeling the effects of energetic change in the body will vary from one person to another.


About Energy Healing Practitioners


Energy healing practitioners undergo training in several modalities and can combine these to create their own unique practice that usually combines both theoretical and practical skills. Through various modalities of energy healing, practitioners can help restore balance in your system by accessing all points of the body, mind, and soul for true holistic healing. Energy healing practitioners are trained to find various energy connections and its relationship to disease, whether it is physical or emotional. They can provide you with insight on where energy blocks may be located or where the imbalance is happening even if you aren’t aware of it. They can also provide information on what you can do to reduce and prevent energy blocks in the future. In this section we will attempt to list and describe, the most popular healing techniques. Hopefully this knowledge will help you make an inform decision, and decide which one is right for you. If you'd like some advice about choosing a healer in your area, you can find one in the "energy healers" section of the site.

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